Infants & Toddlers

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Infants & Toddlers

Age Range:
6 weeks - 2 years
Areas of Learning:


Social-Emotional Development

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Warm, Nurturing Environment

Infants and toddlers learn best when they experience warm, nurturing care and one-on-one attention in a loving environment. We provide secure surroundings, safe equipment, and playthings that interest and engage infants and toddlers. We also support their individual development with a rich variety of activities.

Our Infant and Toddler classrooms are continually rearranged to provide new challenges and inspire new interests. Teachers adjust areas of play by changing the layout of the room and by moving infants from one position or area to another. Objects in the room are also rotated to stimulate and challenge, which all contributes to environment where movement and playfulness are encouraged.

The First Steps of Developing the Whole Child

The first months and years of a child’s life are critical to their overall development. In our infant and young toddler classrooms, learning experiences are embedded into daily activities such as feeding, diapering, nurturing, story time, music enrichment, and tummy time. Our curriculum takes a Whole Child approach to early childhood education and focuses on 4 developmental domains:

  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Gross and fine motor
  • Social – Emotional development

Communication Between Staff and Parents

Creative Expressions believes in partnering with families in the care and education of their children. As you’re dropping your child off, please let us know when something has been upsetting them. Our teachers can better care for your child knowing how their prior evening and morning was. We want to know when your child hasn’t been feeling well, when they’ve slept poorly, or if they’ve had an upsetting morning so that we can provide the care your child needs that day.

You’ll receive updates from our teachers via KidReports, a mobile app where each child has a secure personal online profile that is updated daily, even hourly. This will allow you to better communicate and connect with your child’s teachers.