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Age Range:
3 - 5 years
Areas of Learning:



Dramatic Play


Learning Centers, Activities, and Daily Reports

All classrooms are arranged in learning centers, with well-defined spaces for different types of activities. We believe that play is an expression of our creativity, and creativity is at the very root of our ability to learn, to cope, and to become whatever we may be. Our teachers work interactively with your child in our learning centers to help them create knowledge through play and fun. Center areas include:

  • Building and Construction
  • Dramatic Play
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Math and Science
  • Reading and Listening
  • Music
  • Sensory Play
  • Computers

Children enjoy learning when they’re in a fun and dynamic environment. Lesson plans are child–directed and may last from a week to several weeks depending on the interest level of the class. Many structured and common activities are available to the children, which help them develop needed skills. Teachers are always available to facilitate the learning activities as needed. Most importantly, the children have loads of fun while they are learning!

Communication with our families is extremely important. Our teachers provide daily reports through the mobile app KidReports so you’re constantly updated on your child and what they’re doing that day.