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Age Range:
24 - 36 months
Areas of Learning:

“Play and Learn” Program



Programs for 2-Year-Olds

Our two-year-old “Play and Learn” program is designed to accommodate the traits and needs of a child who is growing towards independence. Our program encourages exploration, self-help, and language development through stories, dramatic play, music, and games.

We have a Music Specialist that comes in once a week. Our classroom teachers also teach and engage in play using music on a daily basis.

Potty Training

Attaining potty training skills is a highlight to a child at this stage of development. Our teachers will work in partnership with you to recognize signs for achieving readiness of this goal, and to help children master this important step on the road to independence.

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms are set up in a series of centers, and there’s a heavy emphasis on choice. The children have many opportunities to select their activities and the materials they’ll be working with and they’re also encouraged to share their experiences throughout the day. We provide guidance so that children learn to communicate thoughts and feelings, to listen, and to use words to solve conflicts, thus strengthening both language and social development.

Creative Expressions Learning Center classrooms encourage children to move freely and explore. We have open pathways for crawling, low steps to climb, surfaces with a variety of textures, tunnels, slides, rocking boats, play pits, balance beams, risers, lofts and easy access to outdoors. All Classrooms also have large areas for group activities, quiet play areas for individual play or rest, and a place for messy activities and learning.

Research shows the more the classroom is scaled to the size of the children, the higher the quality and complexity of children’s play will be, and the longer they will be engaged in that play, which over time, increases each child’s interest and concentration. Creative Expressions Twos’ classrooms are designed so each “early learner” can reach the items on the shelves, explore what interests them, and places stimulating educational toys and activities at their fingertips.