Spanish Program

Learning a new language has many wonderful advantages. It offers new opportunities for expression and creates a sense of accomplishment as students learn to use each new word.

Timing is key when learning to speak a new language and research has continually shown that early childhood is the best time to start learning additional languages. Studies also indicate that learning a different language taps into areas of the brain that allow a child to learn several new skills and enhances their future learning potential.


Our Spanish Curriculum

At Creative Expressions Learning Centers, our Spanish curriculum is available for 2-Year-Olds through Pre-Kindergarten.

We have found that full immersion into the language has the most impact. Our Spanish instructor is a native speaker whose fluency in the language creates a wonderful atmosphere of learning. With over 10 years experience in early childhood Spanish instruction, our teacher makes learning Spanish fun, energetic, and educational. We utilize music, visual techniques, and games to create a fun learning environment for the children.